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Submitted by mahesh_admin on July 10, 2023
Ecological Infrastructure
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Yangle Enterprise
Short Description
A social enterprise producing charcoal from alien invasive species while improving water security.


To expand the number of sites and increase production by adding more kilns thereby creating employment opportunities.

Investment Range / ROI

R5 Million - R20 Million

Public or Private Sector


Investment Readiness

Environment & Social Impact

• Job Creation
• Skills Development
• SMME Development
• Community Livelihood and Prosperity


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Investment Opportunity at a Glance


Land Ownership and Governance

Land Ownership


Communal land under Tribal Authority with issued permission to occupy agreement.


Governance Structure

Private Limited

Land Size

470 Hectares


Eastern Cape

Investment Opportunity Assessment

Ecological Infrastructure


Core Operations

  • Invasive alien plant clearing and harvesting 
  • Water security 
  • Water value chain



  • Clearing of 470 hectares of invasive alien plants 
  • Setting up mobile kraals to use cattle for rehabilitation through stampeding 
  • Processing of Invasive alien biomass to produce artisanal charcoal


Investment Opportunities


  • Production of Biochar products : These products are good for soil health management, greenhouse gas mitigation, addressing the most pressing environmental challenges. They have the ability to remediate pollutants and harmful contaminants
  • Establishment of a central production and packaging factory to create more jobs and skills. This will allow producers more time to focus on increasing production and profit while clearing additional land that will release more water into the rivers and more land will be returned to communities to utilize and combat poverty.
  • Apprentice college for charcoal production / school of industry: increasing the number of producers meaning opportunities for ambitious youth which will lower the unemployment rate. Production and sales will increase with more labour in sites 
  • Production of tar, vinegar and briquettes     
  • Offers great opportunity to tourism and agriculture as a link and enabler

Investment Requirements


Investment Range Required
R5 million - R20 Million

Type of Investment Required

  • Working Capital

Funding Type for Financial Requirements

  • Grant
  • Debt

Non-Financial Requirements
Technical services
Capacity building

Value Proposition and Enablers


Value Proposition

  • Product Forest Stewardship Council certification to attract more customers who value environmental traceable products      
  • Community owned land and business operations: rural communities need sustainable livelihoods (as per the sustainable development goals), which could be achieve by clearing more wattle, which opens other opportunities such as  regenerative agriculture,  livestock farming, and  ecotourism
  • Newly rehabilitated land supports ecosystem services and commercial opportunities 
  • New water released: 29.1 million litres of water saved from clearing 14.5 hectares of land
  • Products made from invasive alien plants provides a more sustainable use of invasive alien biomass


Key  Enablers

  • More charcoal-efficient kilns will increase production 
  • Output quality control measures to meet supplier specifications will increase customer trust which will have great inputs on sales
  • Invitation of more independent chainsaw operators with bigger targets to clear will ensure large numbers of biomass production, contributing to more increased production and sales
  • Focussed marketing strategy will enable more exposure to local and international clients. 
  • Skills development will enable the team to contribute effectively to the production. 
  • Upgrade of access roads will  decrease number of short haul trips, thus decreasing expenses and increasing  profits.  Money saved will be ploughed back into operations to increase profit.

Business Operations

Ecological infrastructure

Primary Customers


Domestic customers

Active Business Entities


Emabhaceni Development and Nature Solutions

About this Opportunity


Yangle Enterprise is a project of Emabhaceni Development and Nature Solutions. The aim of the Yangle is to produce eco-friendly charcoal, made from alien invasive species while helping to boost water security in the communities where they work.